Monique Reenaers and Brenda Aendekerk, Technological Innovation specialists at Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg, are involved in innovation processes within the WGK from their position.

    'Video calling contributes to continuity and flexibility of care provision' 

    Monique Reenaers and Brenda Aendekerk, Technological Innovation specialists at Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg, are involved in innovation processes within the WGK from their position.
    In this interview they explain how this works and about their experiences with video consultations. They also share the findings of a survey they conducted among WGK employees with regard to e-health.

    Health RevolutionBarcelona

    Health Revolution Congress in Barcelona

    Join us at the Health Revolution Congress in Barcelona on May 17 and discover the future of healthcare! We present the most revolutionary tool that enables healthcare professionals to conduct video consultations and connect with patients anytime, anywhere. Our software's advanced features, such as real-time translations and Read more chats, provide a comprehensive solution for modern healthcare.

    Milan Tjioe Webcmconsult monitor care

    Milan Tjioe: 'Display care has proven itself time and time again'

    Milan Tjioe has been a dermatologist at the Bravis hospital since 2009, where he also served as CMIO. Thanks to an article about the best clinics in Elsevier, in which the dermatology department of the hospital came out best, people with skin problems from all over the Netherlands managed to find Tjioe and his colleagues. But it is quite a drive from Groningen to Bergen op Zoom and video consultations offered a solution.

    logo Care Vision Blog Bert van Gerwen

    E-health in the footsteps of e-commerce

    Can we compare e-health with e-commerce? Bert van Gerwen van Webcamconsult does it in his new blog on Zorgvisie. He talks about his time at KPN Multimedia, when e-commerce was still emerging and takes stock now that he is CEO of Webcamconsult active in e-health. How has e-commerce fared, where is e-health now and what needs to be done for a bright future in terms of digital care.

    Read more

    persistent chat webcamconsult

    Continuous secure chat between ensures broadening of screen care

    Keeping healthcare affordable has led to an enormous digitization drive in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers have started using the possibilities offered by digital healthcare providers en masse. During the pandemic, screen care has ensured that care can continue online. Due to rising costs, it now also appears to be the answer to keeping healthcare affordable.

    dashboard Drimpy pgo integration Webcamconsult

    Ruud van Eijk, Drimpy on links and the rise of the PBL

    Personal Health Environment (PBL) specialist Drimpy has made a link with the monitor care platform of Webcamconsult. In this way, both organizations facilitate both care recipients and care providers. The aim of the collaboration is to provide up-to-date health data of healthcare consumers from Webcamconsult visible within the Drimpy PBL. Webcamconsult discussed this with Drimpyfier Ruud van Eijk.  

    Interview with Edwin Kruitbosch of RawWorks: “With an API you can integrate with any platform you want”

    With an API you can integrate with any platform you want

    Interview with Edwin Kruitbosch from RawWorks

    RawWorks is an IT company that specializes in various sectors, including healthcare. Connection, Energy and Humor are the core values ​​of the company and describe the DNA. From the 3 'tribes': Digital, Cloud and Workspace, the RawWorks specialists work together to support their relations. We regularly hear from the healthcare sector that integration is a problem. Now we were curious what an integration specialist thinks about this. Are there indeed limits to what is possible with IT or is the sky the limit?

    telemedicine Belgium Webcamconsult

    Telemedicine permanently reimbursed in Belgium from 1 August

    Screen care also falls under the new regulation for Telemedicine.

    National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance in Belgium has published an article in which the institute indicates that a new reimbursement scheme will be introduced on 1 August regarding 'remote consultation by doctors'.

    webpages webpages webcamconsult

    Own web pages possible in Webcamconsult

    From May 2022 you can publish web pages with Webcamconsult. With our web pages you can communicate with your patients even more easily and use all functionalities easily. For example, the online walk-in consultation hour is already ready for you!
    Webcamconsult offers more and more functions within the subscription. These are added to our online care platform without you having to pay extra.


    Dashplus monitor care Webcamconsult Sophie Saelraeve

    dashplus on the future of digital healthcare in Belgium

    Monitor healthcare is the healthcare innovation that is being implemented everywhere. Not only the Netherlands, but also Belgium is making progress in e-health. The dashplus consultancy helps companies in the healthcare sector with innovations such as digital healthcare and is experiencing the advance up close. In a personal conversation with founder of dashplus, Sofie Staelraeve, we learn more about the company and the state of affairs in Belgium. We were also curious about how the Netherlands compares to Belgian healthcare innovations. 

    Drimpy implements Webcamconsult within Drimpy PBL

    Drimpy implements Webcamconsult within Drimpy PBL

    Personal Health Environment (PBL) specialist Drimpy has made a link with the monitor care platform of Webcamconsult. In this way, both organizations facilitate both care recipients and care providers. The aim of the collaboration is current health data of healthcare consumers from Webcamconsult visible within the Drimpy PBL. 

    real-time translation Webcamconsultlady behind screen

    Real-time translation in healthcare during video consultation

    The corona crisis has ensured that screen care has made huge strides in acceptance and implementation among both practitioners and patients. Due to the ongoing pressure on healthcare and the unpredictable corona measures, many healthcare organizations have switched to providing hybrid care. Patients are supported both in person and via a video consultation. From now on, this is also possible if the therapist and patient do not speak each other's language. 

    5 tips screen care

    Five tips for better screen care

    An online meeting tool cannot be compared with advanced specialized screen care applications. The possibilities that these types of care platforms offer are made for and by the care sector. Everything is designed to allow the practitioner and patient to experience the video consultation as a physical appointment. In fact, in many cases an online video call exceeds the possibilities of an appointment on location. In this article we will look at a number of possibilities that make better digital care possible. All these options can be found in the online care platform of Webcamconsult.

    Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck of online care platform The Helpnet

    Webcamconsult helps The Helpnet advisors

    Interview with Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck of international online healthcare platform The Helpnet

    From September 2020, The Helpnet and Webcamconsult together. Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck is the passionate founder of the international online care platform and aims to help at least 10.000 clients annually, mainly preventively. She does this together with psychotherapists and care coaches all over the world.

    online amanese form

    Anamnesis form and online questionnaires prior to video consultation

    It is now possible to submit a questionnaire, such as an anamnesis form, to your patients when they are invited for a video consultation. You can create, change and delete forms via the menu item 'Questionnaires'. Different types of fields are available for these forms, such as uploading images. We provide an extensive anamnesis form as standard. This can serve as a template. When scheduling an appointment, you can choose which questionnaires should be completed by the patient.

    Webinar Image bubbles in care, table with speakers

    Impression Webinar Medify & Webcamconsult: 'video consult in healthcare'

    December 7 was the day. After months of preparation, our webinar on the implementation of video calling in healthcare went live. Interested parties from the healthcare sector followed the conversations that were broadcast from the Medify studio in Amsterdam via an online stream.
    The central theme here was: how do you, as a healthcare organization, remove technical and organizational barriers in the implementation of computer screen care.

    Webinar Image bubbles in healthcare December 7, 2021

    December 7 Webinar: Videoconsult in healthcare made simple

    How do you remove the technical and organizational barriers to the introduction of screen care? A video consultation has become an integral part of the care process. But how do you, as a hospital, set up the organization of screen care in such a way that both the practitioner and the patient experience this as positive? You will receive all practical information about this on December 7, from 15:00 PM! Read more

    Webcamconsult and Visma Verzuim enter into partnership

    Webcamconsult and Visma Verzuim enter into partnership

    As of May 2021, Visma Verzuim and Webcamconsult a partner agreement. Visma Absence and Webcamconsult to work together on the integration of Webcamconsult in the Visma Absence applications. Of Webcamconsult Visma Verzuim customers can use the application of Webcamconsult schedule and hold online video consultations.

    New version Webcamconsult

    Webcamconsult is  July 17, 2021 live with a new version, packed with extensions and improvements!

    1. Invitations and reminders now also SMS
    2. Expanded video settings, including the option to blur or replace the background
    3. Upgrade to Ruby on Rails 6 (update framework). Improved security and memory, with the added benefit; more speed
    4. Update Webcamconsult iOS app necessary!
    5. Error messages and API
    6. Specific points for administrators
    7. Specific points for developers 

    Bart DEgryse about diabetes care

    Screen bubbles in diabetes care

    Bart Degryse, Innovation Manager at Wit-Gele Kruis West Flanders on the implementation of computer screen care

    Not only in the Netherlands has digital healthcare been expanded in the past year Webcamconsult increased enormously. In 2020, the number of fed webcamconsultand abroad has already risen to 19% of the total number of calls. In 2021 this has increased further to 25%. 

    Eva van Katwijk-Leemans, project leader digital innovation video consultation at Meander Medical

    Video consultation is now an integral part of the care process

    Last year, the pressure on healthcare due to Covid-19 increased enormously. In order to relieve the burden on healthcare staff and reduce the risk of contamination, research has been done to improve the healthcare process. Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort...

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