Gebruikt u Google Agenda voor uw afspraken? Gebruik DateAid (3)

Gebruikt u Google Agenda voor uw afspraken? Gebruik DateAid (3)

Are you using Google Calendar for your appointments? With DateAid, add a Webcam consultation invitation right away!
Getting out your calendar is something that is done on a regular basis. Especially when it comes to making appointments. And in healthcare, one cannot help but work with appointments, scheduling time so that sufficient attention can be given to patients. Are you already using the online Google Calendar? Then Webcamconsult now makes scheduling appointments even faster and easier using the DateAid extension. 

Webcam consultation DateAid

Scheduling a consultation via Webcamconsult is now even easier. For the most widely used browser, Google Chrome, Webcamconsult has developed an extension. With this extension, Webcamconsult DateAid,  you can schedule a consultation via your online calendar. The extension is connected to your Google calendar and from there you can easily schedule a video consultation via Webcamconsult.

The conveniences of Webcamconsult DateAid

In a few steps, you will have the Webcamconsult DateAid installed and ready to use: 

  • To get started, download Webcamconsult's new extension from the Chrome web store.
  • After installing, an icon will immediately appear in the top right of your Chrome browser. Clicking on it will then log in with your Webcamconsult account.  
  • You will be taken to your profile page. Here you link the extension by clicking the link DateAid plug in button at the top aid proile page
  • If you now create an appointment in your online calendar, you first enter the date and time and the e-mail address of the invitee. This can also be a client who is not yet in Webcamconsult's database, or your EPD. add WCC calendar google

Please note! DateAid works with one guest for now. If you want to create a group consultation with more people, you do this in Webcamconsult itself. Of course, you can also add additional participants during a consultation.

If your calendar application makes the appointment, the patient will receive the calendar request by email with the link for the webcam consultation. With the DateAid

You can download the extension here here.