New Electronic Medical Record driver of healthcare innovation

New Electronic Medical Record driver of healthcare innovation


The online healthcare platform Webcamconsult is introducing a new Electronic Patient Record (EHR) with the aim of making it accessible to every healthcare organisation and digital service provider. This advance marks a significant step in integration capabilities within healthcare organisations and will accelerate innovation.

The EHR was developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to improve and optimise communication between patients and healthcare providers. Moreover, it allows for integration with companies that provide services to healthcare organisations within the digital domain. The EHR allows healthcare providers to immediately capture and also easily retrieve patient medical information such as medical history, laboratory results and medication data during virtual consultations, allowing healthcare providers to make faster and informed decisions during virtual consultations.

Hurdles to healthcare innovation
Bert van Gerwen, CEO of Webcamconsult, says: "With the introduction of the Electronic Patient Record alongside our online communication services, we are taking a big step forward in achieving that mission.
An EHR is in most cases quite closed and the cost of integration with an external provider can be significant. This hampers innovation in healthcare. Because we ourselves were regularly faced with these problems, and because we heard similar concerns from other vendors and our relations, we decided to develop our own EHR."

Van Gerwen stresses that the aim is not to replace the existing complex EHRs in hospitals, but where necessary to provide a manageable EHR for smaller healthcare institutions in particular and in departments of larger institutions that want to deploy hybrid care. Being able to fall back on a single system, which acts as a complete online practice, is therefore Webcamconsult's motivation for integrating the EHR. 



Please note that the EHR has been integrated by Webcamconsult.


Integrated EMR
In addition, the EMR has the ability to share referral letters, prescriptions and other correspondence with patients and/or GPs. 

Discussions are currently underway with healthcare organisations abroad, including Spain, to implement Webcamconsult with the new EHR. Vera van der Vliet, Country Manager at Webcamconsult, emphasises the importance of this cooperation: "Not only in the Netherlands, healthcare organisations are facing a growing demand for care and rising costs. Innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs are also being sought abroad. Access for drivers of e-health solutions to EHRs is essential in this respect. Flexible and affordable deployment of the EHR is therefore the starting point."

The new EHR will be rolled out internationally in 10 different languages. Healthcare providers can activate the new service online and start using it immediately.