Webcamconsult: Supporters of support

Webcamconsult: Supporters of support

For those who do not yet know, Webcamconsult is much more than a facilitator of online video consultations in healthcare. The Webcamconsult EPR (Electronic Patient Record), for instance, was recently introduced, alongside real-time translation and subtitling. And, of course, we cannot forget the introduction of the patient portal and walk-in consultations. But we don't stop there. We are constantly optimising our services and adding new, innovative solutions.

Distinctive enough you might say. But we think there is still room for improvement, because only one can be the best. And we want to be. That is why we find it extremely important that our service is of the highest level. Below, we explain how we support our customers and partners.

The best!

It is a running gag at our office, 'the best'. It once started at our periodic meeting in which our CEO Bert van Gerwen stated time and again that we want to be and remain the best. And that became our credo: we are the best. It may sound a bit tacky, but if you think about it, it's not so crazy after all.
An organisation that goes out of its way to want the best for its relations and their patients is a party you can build on.

Faster-than-fast support

In 2021 and 2022, we put a lot of focus on quality assurance. In addition, automated technical assistance has been added to Webcamconsult.
But we are not standing still in terms of personal support either. For instance, we make it a competition to see who can pick up a support request first. We try to arrange this within 15 minutes and preferably even sooner. In this way, we playfully take our service to a higher level.

But the reason this is possible is because we get very few support requests at all. And that is very positive. In fact, Webcamconsult had an uptime of at least 99.9% last year. Which means as much as that our e-health platform is always operational. And as long as it is, we naturally don't get any questions about it.

Customised Webcamconsult

Now, our online practice is already equipped with all the tools you need as a practitioner, but when it is necessary to customise, we do so. With two doctors at the basis of the creation of Webcamconsult, we understand better than anyone else what it takes to make care efficient and patient-centred. We ensure that it is possible to link with almost any system (by means of an API) and, for example, an ongoing chat function was developed at the request of healthcare providers.

With our SaaS, you're not duped

Our platform is a SaaS model. Software as a Service allows users to connect to and use cloud applications like Webcamconsult via the internet. This is wonderful, of course, but many such parties are happy to offer subscriptions but prefer not to communicate with their customers. They put FAQs online (nothing wrong with that) and use an AI chatbot (already less fun). And when searching for contact information, you soon find yourself in an annoying loop.

If there are any questions about Webcamconsult, just call us, email us or fill in our contact form. And we will make sure you are personally addressed. Technology we love, of course, but always in the service of people and to improve our product and our service to you.
Because we not only want to be the best, but also to keep getting better. For you and your patients.