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    We are becoming more and more used to being able to chat and text continuously. In particular, patients requiring long-term care feel the need to easily consult their practitioner via chat. Webcamconsult has developed a secure chat service in addition to face-to-face consultations, so that patients and practitioners can stay in touch with each other during the care process. 

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    If continuous chat is enabled for an organization, patients who are invited to a Webcamconsult appointment also the possibility to chat continuously with the practitioner. Practitioners can also give other patients access to a secure chat channel.

      Speech balloon loose blue    Only authorized employees have access to the message traffic between practitioner and patient. Assistants can also read and reply to the messages.

    The patient can chat while in the online waiting room, during or after the video consultation. Patients can ask questions and the practitioner can answer them or send additional information. To make it even easier for patients, Webcamconsult now also the “Webcamconsult Client app”. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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    You can give patients access to their own chat channel when booking a video consultation. Or you can authorize them by sending a PIN or QR code.

    With the Webcamconsult Client App the treatment team is within reach of the patient:

    • All chat and app traffic is saved or deleted at the practitioner's discretion. The healthcare institution determines.
    • The patient has an overview of all correspondence and appointments.

    Secure chat between practitioner and patient:
    before, during and after the video consultation

    No App? Chat anyway!

    Even if a patient does not have the Webcamconsult Client App then it is possible to chat with the practitioner. In this case, he or she uses the invitation link from the webcamconsult. Or he can access his personal page.

    It does not matter whether the patient is too early, on time or too late. In all cases, a chat message can be sent or received by the patient.

    Assistant can also gain access

    The chat channel can be set up in such a way that only the patient's personal therapist or a specific department can view it. This makes it possible as a department to follow and answer all chats from patients. Even if the 'own' practitioner is not available.

    For example, an assistant can handle the chats for the doctor. Or can the chat channel be used to communicate with nursing care.

    NB This channel is not suitable for emergency care!

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