Hello Webcamconsult user!

Welcome to the demo of our WordPress plugin.  Just look in the right column !

Visitors of your website are able to start a real-time video call with you now. They only have to click one button to initiate the video call with you. Customers, clients or prospects at your website are able to start a real-time video call with you whenever you or collegues are available. Use our new WordPress plugin to install as many Webcamconsult widgets as you need!

Examples of use cases:

  • An alternative for physical  health care consults.
  • Additional communication options for home care.
  • Deployment as a first point of contact, for example, an interview with services such as lawyers, accountants or for example mortgage consultant.
  • Digital box at municipalities and other authorities.
  • Direct help for online tutoring.
  • For additional service at online shops, where a chat feature is too limited.
  • The recruitment and selection process. Read more in our whitepaper, Live online recruitment.

Easy to install

Download the WordPress plug-in. After a quick installation of the plugin or extension on your website, you have to register yourself for a free trial of one month.

Please take a look at instructions:  http://webcamconsult.com/docs/wcc_wordpress.pdf