What is Webcamconsult

Webcamconsult provides the perfect solution for an alternative location based appointment: a secure and user friendly platform for online video consultation. Through our application, you can easily perform an online video consultation with your client. A physical face to face appointment is no longer necessary!

This can be realized in two ways:

  1. By appointment: with the build in planning tool you simply arrange an appointment with a client or patient. The online video conversation can begin on the pre-arranged time.
  2. Without appointment. In addition, it is possible for clients to start a non-scheduled appointment via video counselling. The clients get connected once an employee of your organization is available.

Webcam consult is very easy to try out. Feel free to create a trial account and try out the functionality.

Face your customer! Use our new Wordpress plugin to get in video contact with your clients. Read more...

Client or patient in the center with Webcamconsult

Time is becoming scarcer and it’s quite pleasant for clients if they can make an appointment at a time and place that suits them best. Travel time is often time consuming and thanks to an online video consultation it is not always necessary. In practice, both young and old, are very excited about this service: healthcare can continue during the vacation of a patient. In a business environment, you can adjust your business model. After all distances are no barrier for a video consultation more.

Five reasons to start with Webcam Consult today:

  1. Increase the level of service to existing clients / patients;
  2. More effective calls: to the point and quickly;
  3. By planning tool high efficiency for the service provider;
  4. Share files online and share screes during the consultation;
  5. Widening your geographical area, distances will disappear.

NEN 7510

Webcam Consult is NEN 7510 compliant, which basically means that we do everything possible to provide the communication between you and your clients / patients at the highest level of quality and safety.

Walk-in hours

Add walk-in hours to your own website! Your client can see who is available and start a video call, share screens and/or files.