A new way to communicate with your patient

Webcamconsult in the hospital

Discussing research, or other follow-up appointments without physical examination can be as good or even better via an online video consultation. It saves the patient time, the stress of waiting and traveling itself. And the hospital increases its level of service.

The patient’s choice!

For a follow up appointment a patient can choose for a Webcamconsult, if the doctor agrees. The secretary makes the appointment and books the appointment, as usual, in the agenda of the doctor. The agenda of the physician may be clustered webcam consultations, so the doctor can carry out these consultations (efficient) can consecutively. Through the use of Webcamconsult the hospital will increase the service level and the efficiency of the treating physician as well.

Webcamconsult in health care

Much has changed in health care in recent years. We Lees meer to stay longer at our own home and are staying shorter in a hospital. The attention of health care institutions Lees meers to be important. With the support of an online video consultation a patient may be informed or advised quickly. In addition, a home care worker or caregiver himself can seek the advice of a physician. By visual contact, the physician can more adequately assess the status and respond accordingly. Another advantage of a Webcamconsult is that one or more caregivers can attend a consultation, so that everyone is aware of the condition of the client.

Situations where Webcamconsult is often useful:

  • To discuss the results of a survey
  • For appointments where no physical examination is necessary
  • For consultation between doctor and patient, where additionally a specialist is connected via Webcamconsult contact
  • For consultations between GPs and specialists
  • To connect caregivers and the health care provider or physician
  • Consultation of a patient , of both nurse and doctor
  • Consultation of a nurse in home care and physician
  • In the conversation between caregiver and patient and carers via Webcamconsult
  • Accessability outside of the usual office hours
  • Connect with patients during their holidays

By doctors for doctors

In 2013 two dermatologists from the Bravis Hospital in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, decided to develop their own online video consultation application, that is user friendly for both the physician and the patient. The normal work situation and the logistics of a consultation of a doctor is kept equal as much as possible. The only difference is that webcam consultations contact with the patient is via the live webcam instead.

A webcam consultation remains the same as a normal consult. The doctor fills the findings of the consultation just in its own file (paper or digital) and their own existing system is also used for financial registration. The advantage is that Webcamconsult tool can operate completely independent of hospital information systems. Moreover, the application of Webcam Consult is easy accessible: there is no expensive or complicated software required, and each doctor can apply online for a personal digital office. In addition, a Webcamconsult is just like a normal consultation reimbursed by insurers..

New: virtual "walk in clinic"

Several reasons may hinder a doctor visit. Now, there is possibility for a patient to self-initiate an online consultation from his own environment. For general questions, or just for specific conditions that one would rather appropriate to address anonymous. Again Webcamconsult offers the solution. You can place a button at your own website. Clients see the available doctors and through and through a click the digital waiting room.

Practical experience

Bravis Hospital in Bergen op Zoom was the first hospital to chose the services of Webcamconsult. Traditionally, the majority of the customer contact is at the premises of the hospital. For an appointment a patient spends an average of 2.5 hours, which includes worktime and travel time. When no physical examination is required for a (Lees meerd) appointment, online video consultation is a perfect alternative.

Experience points out that patients are very satisfied. This is the case for both young and elderly patients: the first person with whom Van Gerwen via Webcamconsult communicated in 2013 was a 90 year old patient.

After taking the first steps, you will discover new applications or other benefits. A holiday of a patient is now no longer an obstacle to contact and a greater distance to the hospital is less of a problem. Webcam Consult is structured in such a way that physicians can very efficiently handle a video consultation. Currently eight hospitals work with Webcam Consult.


You can test Webcamconsult very easily. Subscribe for a one month free demo and try out you own online meeting room.

Inspiration: E-health Institute

The e-Health Institute is the first virtual doctor’s office for general medicine in Italy with registered office in Florence. Through their website they make perfect use of our widgets for direct walk-in video consults and booking webcamconsult appointments. 
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What does it take to choose and implement video consults in a care or cure institution? Please take some time to read our whitepaper with some very useful tips.

The importance of privacy and security

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