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Webcamconsult for business services

Everybody recognizes it: an appointment that cannot wait, but due to travel time it is impossible to schedule it. It becomes even more difficult when more people are involved. With a Webcamconsult, you get the experience of a face to face conversation, with the convenience of phone and video. Offer this service so you can respond to the needs of your customers. In addition, distances are no longer an obstacle, but an opportunity for a new business model. And for your business you can save significantly on your staffs travel time.

Webcamconsult can be used by the following industries:

  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Accounting and Administration
  • Insurance / Mortgages
  • Financial advice
  • Banks
  • Legal and notarial
  • Municipalities
  • Education

Is your business in another industry and do you want to know more about Webcamconsult? Please contact us..

Examples for the use of business services

  • Job interviews
  • Mortgage calculations by speaking;
  • Discuss accounts
  • For a (first) legal advice
  • To discuss a draft contract or proposal
  • For an update of a cluster of insurance policies
  • Consultation with colleagues in different locations
  • Service for disabled or sick people
  • Alternative to a physical office
  • In addition to a web chat / call center
  • For education or training

For each call with an expert in which written information is shared, Webcam consult is an excellent alternative. Try Webcam consult a month free of charge without obligation and experience the benefits

Increase your efficiency and your service level

You can get more customers in the same time with our high-quality service. For a follow-up appointment for example, Webcamconsult can be a great alternative. It saves you or your client much travel time.

As a Sales tool to complement your sales call

With Webcamconsult you can discuss your quote with your customer for example. This prevents misunderstandings and you can better capture signals from your customer.



Will the free month trial period end automatically?

Yes, you can try out one month for free, no strings attached.

How about Webcamconsult on smartphone or tablet?
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