Webcamconsult with your advisor or healthcare provider

Use Webcam Consult as client or patient

By appointment

1. Immediately after making the appointment, you receive an e-mail. If you do not receive an e- mail please inform your contact person. When you want to use your smartphone or tablet, download the appropriate app from the store here: Apple Appstore or Android Playstore.

2. Ten minutes before the agreed time please make contact by clicking on the link in the email on the device you want to use.

'Walking in' on the website

On the website of your advisor or health care institute you see the invitation to go to the digital consultation room of the (available) person you need. Fill in your data and click on the "waiting room" button of the chosen person. Then you arrive in the digital waiting room. Your adivsor / doctor notices your arrival and can call you in when appropriate. The video call starts!

Desktop or laptop

You can use Webcamconsult through your internet browser. We recommend to use Chrome or Firefox for the best quality. In the e-mail you received from Webcamconsult you find a link. This link can only be activated around the time of your appointment (from half an hour before the appointment). After activation of the link, you will automatically be directed to a digital reception / waiting area. The consultant or practitioner receives a signal and sees that you have logged in. If the consultant or practitioner connects with you, you must give your device permission use the webcam and microphone (on the top of your screen). After you have given permission, the connection is set up and you Webcamconsult starts.

Do you use Internet Explorer and you are not able to install another browser? You can also use our Webcam consult desktop application that you can install easily on your computer. Click here to download and install. After downloading the installation program appears in the lower-left corner of your screen. Click on the arrow on the right side (next to "Cancel") and choose keep. You can safely install the file as you normally do on your Windows PC.

If your doctor has set up PIN code login, he will send by mail a personal identification number (PIN). In the Webcamconsult desktop application you can then on "use pin code" . If no PIN is used then you can copy and paste the link from the mail in the desktop application of Webcamconsult.

Smartphone or tablet

Webcamconsult works on every (not too old) mobile or tablet through the browser (mostly Chrome or Safari). No mobile app is needed.

You receive an invitation by mail on your mobile, click on the link and go to the waiting room. Or you enter the waiting room through the walk-in option on the website of your consultant or doctor.

Your consultant or doctor will take you further to the consulting room.

Do I have to pay for a webcamconsult?

You don't have to pay to use the service od Webcamconsult, you only pay the fee for your consultant or doctor and mobile telephone consts if you use your mobile network (3G or 4G)

Good to know

  • Please feel free to ask your therapist, doctor or counsellor for a Webcamconsult.
  • You can also keep in touch while on holiday with your therapist, doctor or counsellor with Webcamconsult.
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