Online video absenteeism conversations with the company doctor

    Optimal communication between employees and company doctor

    Access to a company doctor is regulated by law for employees. Since a company doctor cannot always be present on location, it is good to organize this obligation in a different way. An online video consultation is a safe, reliable and valuable alternative for company doctors.

    Benefits of Webcamconsult for the company doctor

    • Webcamconsult has been developed for and by doctors and therefore with all the possibilities necessary to be able to practice the profession well;
    • Privacy and data security are central, as are ease of use;
    • Webcamconsult is easy to try for free;
    • Ability to share screens and files;
    • Responding to the wishes of employees and employers;
    • Expansion of the working area: distances no longer play a role;
    • Savings on travel costs and travel time: less need to work on location;
    • Installing software is not necessary. Webcamconsult is a solid and proven cloud solution.

    Benefits of Webcamconsult for the employee

    • No travel time;
    • Simple consultation of the company doctor;
    • Handy for a second opinion;
    • Visual contact with the company doctor;
    • Immobility is no obstacle either;
    • Privacy and data security is guaranteed;
    • Easy in use. Click and start;
    • Video consultation is possible via various devices (PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet).

    Benefits of Webcamconsult for the employer

    • Employer complies with the Working Conditions Act by offering ample access to a company doctor;
    • Savings on travel costs and travel time for employees and the company doctor;
    • Employees can contact them from work or from home. Often an appointment can be made earlier. Less time is lost, reintegration can be started immediately if possible;
    • Privacy and data security is guaranteed;
    • Show good employership (employability). Less stressful for employees.


    Webcamconsult has partnerships with suppliers of absenteeism software. For example, we work together with Visma Verzuim, Otherside@Work,, Track software and Accordis-Nedap US. Here is Webcamconsult seamlessly integrated with the various applications


    Would you like to know more about integration options? Leave your details and we will contact you.

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    For every conversation with an expert in which written information is also shared, Webcamconsult an excellent alternative. Try Webcamconsult one month free and without obligation and experience the benefits.



    Is the first month of free subscription also without obligation or am I stuck?

    The first month is completely non-binding, so you are not committed to anything.

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