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For whom?

Webcamconsult is useful in many industries: for example, in health care, business and government. For each appointment where you do not have to physically meet and for appointment where it's nice to see each other and share files or screens. All within the safe environment of Webcamconsult.

My counsellor or caregiver will use Webcamconsult for an appointment. What should I do?
I want consult booking on my website, how?
Does it work on Internet Explorer on my PC?
How about Webcamconsult on smartphone or tablet?
My mic doesn't work
My webcam doesn't work
I want to offer video consults right on my Wordpress or Joomla website. How?
Is a webcamconsult possible with more persons?
Will the free month trial period end automatically?
If my one month trial is OK, what should I do next?
Do I have to pay by the minute?
What are the costs for Webcamconsult?
Should I install software?
What do I need?
Is my personal data safe?
No e-mail received?
What are the system requirements?

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Info about updates

Information on recent version updates

Integration: API

If you want to integrate the Webcamconsult service, you can use our API. You can easily exchange data regarding clients, practitioners and appointments.

Desktop app for Windows

Many (health) organisations still use older versions (version 10 or lower) of Internet Explorer, which prevents our advanced video communication. As an alternative we offer our desktop app, a simple Windows programm that gives you access to the home screen of the Webcamconsult dashboard and enables you to do your video consults. Click on the download button below, after download you click on start (execute) that starts the installation.