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    Do you work independently, are you self-employed?

    Do you work as a freelancer? As an independent consultant? The Freelancer version of Webcamconsult is tailor-made especially for you! You can use the Freelancer version as a subscription for 1 practitioner ( = 1 consultation room), with unlimited number of clients, appointments and video time. Choose a period of 1, 3 or 12 months at an advantageous rate, with only a few restrictions compared to the normal version.
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    1 consultation room for self-employed without staff
    1 month subscription
    € 14,95 per month
    Freelancer 3m
    1 consultation room for self-employed without staff
    3 month subscription
    € 39,95
    Freelancer 12m
    1 consultation room for self-employed without staff
    1 year subscription
    € 139,95

    Starting with Webcamconsult

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    Webcamconsult functionality   Freelance version   Standard version
    Organization management module      
    Number of practitioners   1   choose
    Departments   -  
    Number of clients   unlimited   unlimited
    Number of consultations   unlimited   unlimited
    Duration consultation   unlimited   unlimited
    Virtual waiting room    
    Department waiting room   -  
    Virtual consulting room    
    chat module    
    Book and invite appointments    
    Direct (ad hoc) consultations    
    Walk-in consultation hour on website   1   unlimited
    Booking system for clients   1   unlimited
    Share screen    
    Share files    
    Co-editing docs    
    Integration patient portals   -   O
    Pay online    
    White label version   -   O
    Integration EPD, ERP, CMS   -   O
    Multilingual (EN, NL,DU, FR, IT)    
    Data protection (NEN/ISO)    
    HL7 message server   -   O
    API for developers   -  
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