Drimpy implements Webcamconsult within Drimpy PBL

    Drimpy implements Webcamconsult within Drimpy PBL

    Personal Health Environment (PBL) specialist Drimpy has made a link with the monitor care platform of Webcamconsult. In this way, both organizations facilitate both care recipients and care providers. The aim of the collaboration is current health data of healthcare consumers from Webcamconsult visible within the Drimpy PBL.

    monitor care specialist Webcamconsult is included in Drimpy's personal health environment. This allows practitioners and patients to use screen care within the PBL environment.


    Simplicity is paramount

    The aim of the collaboration is to make healthcare simpler and more accessible. Care recipients can log in via a 'single sign on' and see results and examinations here, determine who can view the information and make appointments for a video consultation with a practitioner.
    The PBL is certified by MedMij (Dutch standard for the secure exchange of health data between healthcare users and healthcare providers).

    Ruud van Eijk, Drimpy PBL: "There are many parties within the healthcare sector that do fantastic work in a specific area. Webcamconsult is an excellent example of this. By connecting with these parties and entering into partnerships, we can ultimately serve the healthcare provider and healthcare consumer much better."


    Prevent no-show

    Healthcare consumers and especially chronically ill people now often have to visit a specialist for a check-up. This is where the largest no-show in healthcare takes place.
    Van Eijk: "Visual screen care in combination with keeping data active within a PBL can ensure that healthcare consumers can immediately receive a video consultation when values ​​start to deviate. In this way, the healthcare provider comes much closer to the care. gives the healthcare consumer more peace of mind and security while improving efficiency for all parties."


    40.000 healthcare consumers

    The use of Drimpy PBL is free of charge for healthcare consumers. Approximately 40.000 people have currently registered with the platform and now also have the option of using screen care for their health matters.

    Bert van Gerwen, CEO Webcamconsult: "Digitalization of care has gone very fast in recent years. We notice this on all sides. We have made a huge growth spurt with our company, both nationally and internationally. Screen care has matured and is at least as important, its value is now 100 percent recognized. The fact that access to this is made easier by including it within the personal health environment is of course very good news for patients and practitioners. Less processing and more time for care."

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