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Part 2: Dashboard

Below you will find an overview of the menus in the Webcamconsult dashboard.
This overview is complete, i.e. applies to all roles together. Which parts you see depends on which role you are assigned to: Organization Administrator, Division Administrator or Consultant.

The "my Organization" menu is largely intended for the Organization Administrator. In larger organizations, this is often an application manager. The institutions are configured there, and departments and employees (practitioners and department managers) are created. Payment settings and widgets are also created and managed for placement on your website or portal.

Support (paid subscriptions)

If you have any questions after consulting this manual, please use our online support system to contact us.

Meet your client

Meet your client

My organisation

In this block, you can manage various organization specific settings of your webcam consult application.

My profile

Here you can add your profile information:

  • General information such as name and phone number; you can change your password for the online consulting room;
  • Upload a profile photo/avatar;
  • Assign a department and assign a role.
My package
My organisation

Agenda management

This menu section will usually be used most by the Division administrator. Here, clients contact and appointment information is kept. In case you have a software link with your client-, EHR or CRM system, this menu is usually not available.


Here you will find an overview of the appointments scheduled today. Each division / consultant or therapist is clearly displayed in colors.

Consulting room
Quick consult
External participants

Client texts

The Webcamconsult system displays announcements or messages to your clients at different times. In this menu section you can customize these messages to your own preference.

Service announcements

You can set up these notifications after which they appear to in the online waiting room for waiting clients. This is useful e.g. if you are running late 10 minutes, or want to inform clients in the waiting room otherwise. You must not forget to delete the message afterwards.

Waiting room info
Standard mails
Contact information


In this menu you can contact us and ask a question regarding the use of your Webcamconsult application.


From here you will be directed to the contact form on our website. Here you can go for sales-related questions or submit a request to receive further information or make an appointment with the webcamconsult staff.

Ask a question

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