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    The service Webcamconsult is offered to you as a subscription. You can order and pay a number of standard subscriptions online, other forms are possible through personal consultation. We offer you the opportunity to try our service for free for a month before you actually take out a subscription. There are two variants to choose from: 

    • Freelancer version: this is intended for the self-employed practitioner who also makes his own appointments with patients/clients
    • 5 users: this is intended for (departments) of organizations up to 5 practitioners, each with their own consultation room. Your own administrator can create organizational data and accounts for up to 5 practitioners as well as account(s) for secretary function

    If you have any questions or would like a customized offer, please contact us.

    Freelance Free
    1 consultation room for self-employed persons
    free and non-binding trial for a month
    Webcamconsult 5-free
    5 consulting rooms
    free and non-binding trial for a month

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